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Rice Fund 2012

IAC Members are contributing USD 400/- on monthly basis to Missionaries of Charity, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Gift of Life 2012 - Children suffering from heart disease that required heart surgery

Ms. Mey Narin along with Family Members, Mr.Suresh, Rotarian and Mrs. Vetra Desai from IAC

The Project Gift of Life was carried out of IAC in coordination with The Rotary Club of Saicity for their Herculean task to offer GIFT of LIFE to poor and needy children across the globe. We are pleased to inform you that the heart operation of Khmer child patient Ms. Mey Narin (6 years) was successful and now she is at her residence back in Cambodia. Similarly The Philippine Girl Gwyneth was also operated during the same time. Both these girls are very healthy and happy now. We wish them long and healthy life!

Ms. Mey Narin after successful Operation (After Operation)

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2011 (08.03.2012)

In continuation of the last year’s goodwill program of honoring the brightest and talented students, IAC again contributed USD 650 to the same Students from University of Cambodia, who received the partial Scholarships in the year 2011.

Both the students are chosen, because of their financial difficulties and also for their previous merit results.
1. Ms. Chhuoy Dalivattey - Offered Cash USD 325 for 1st Year
2. Ms. Chan Nimol Eang Hang - Offered Cash USD 325 for 1st Year

International Women’s Day 2011 (05.03.2011)

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, IAC honored and acknowledged the achievements of two outstanding women- Dr Anita Pattnaik (for her contribution to higher education and research) and Ms Theary Chan, Executive Director of RACHA (for her role in promoting health and social equity in Cambodia) and presented them souvenirs

On the same occasion, Two Cambodian Students from University of Cambodia were provided partial scholarship of USD 650 by the IAC to pursue their higher studies, majoring in Law at the University of Cambodia.

1. Ms. Chhuoy Dalivattey - Offered Cash USD 325 for 1st Year
2. Ms. Chan Nimol Eang Hang - Offered Cash USD 325 for 1st Year

The gesture of the IAC in providing scholarships to poor Cambodian students and giving due recognition to the Director of RACHA and Dr. Anita Pattnaik, was a fresh beginning to IAC's activities in terms of honoring the Brightest and Talented.

Cambodia - India Friendship School 2011

MITTAPHEAP KAMPUCHEA – INDIA SCHOOL - Cambodia-India Friendship School
Village: Khum Khnasor, District: Srok Srey Sentho, Province: Kampong Cham.
(About 2 hours drive from Phnom Penh)

Classes Primary: From Class KG to Class VI
Students: Around 300 (Both Boys & Girls)
Staff: (Principal: 1 and Teachers: 6)

The School, located in a remote village in Kampong Cham Province, is in dire need of assistance. The students comprises mainly from very poor families. Giving them a helping hand would definitely be a great support to the poor students. Please contact IAC Executive Committee how to reach them.


The Cambodia India Friendship School, it all started with a kind contribution by an Indian Official, serving in UNTAC during 1990's.

IAC 2010

Then again after a long gap, the IAC 2010 Executive Committee initiated to further contribute on the development of the School project along with India Embassy and achieved tremendous appreciations within the community and also from the Cambodian community.

IAC EC was able to buy gifts for the school children and some cash incentives to the teachers. Each school child got a note books, pens/pencils, wafers, biscuits, chips and a juice packet. Apart from that, the School got a new water hand pump and many playing equipments were installed at the School premises.

The list of the Contributors in Cash and Kind were:
Colben Energy
Mercury Travels
MS Anirudh Upasana Center
PPS International
RPF Life Line Sciences
Thakral Cambodia
VE Cambodia
ZEE Healthcare
Mr. Debasish Pattnaik
Mr. Rajiv Sharma
Mr. Mohan Gunti
Mr. Shobit Arora
2 Well Wishers

And this carried on…
IAC 2011

Then again IAC 2011, Executive Committee along with Indian Embassy took over the continuation to support the Cambodia-India Friendship School.

There was a huge support from the IAC Community with their generous contributions in cash and kind to make School and students happy.

IAC was able to buy gifts for the school children, their teachers and the commune authorities. Each school child got a school bag, note books, pens/pencils, water bottle and a raincoat, besides a food hamper containing cake, wafers, biscuits, chips and a juice packet. Other gifts included a tooth brush and soap for each child. In addition, children got caps and story books donated by other organizations which also donated educational charts, health education posters and material for the school.

The List of Contributors in Cash & Kind were:

Cambodia-India Friendship School - International Children’s Day 2011

# List of Sponsors for donation in Cash Amount in USD
1 Anirudha Trust 280
2 ZEE Pharma 250
3 Telfa Group 200
4 Dr Jay & Dr Rama 200
5 Well wisher 200
6 Mr Saurav Ray 100
7 Mr Nagaraju 100
8 Mrs Shailani Borges 100
9 Mrs Nandita Baruah 100
10 Well wisher 100
11 Shreya Nagaraju 100
12 Mr Rajashekar 100
13 Dr Mary Mohan 50
14 Mr Mohan Gunti 50
15 Mrs Vetra Desai 50
16 Mr & Mrs Rama Rao 50
17 Mr Prasad 50
18 Mr Devendra Mahajan 50
19 Mrs Usha Mishra 50
20 Mr Nithish & Sankesh Prabhakaran 50
21 Mr Tapajyoti Gupta 25
  Total in USD= 2255

# List of Sponsors for donation in Kind Description
1 Mr P B Kumar Biscuits, soaps & tooth brushes
2 Mr Prasad Van for transportion of goods
3 RACHA School kits, posters, HE books
4 CENAT HE books, caps
5 UNICEF HE leaflets
6 NISC Education charts
7 URC HE charts on hand washing

Water Festival 2010

As all of us know about the tragic incident occurred during the Water Festival in the year 2010 on the last day and at the last hour. Many innocent lives were taken including children and the old people during the bridge stampede.

While our condolences and prayers are with the people affected by this tragedy, many of our IAC members came forward of making a contribution to mitigate the sufferings and also as a social and moral responsibility being a part of Cambodian Community.

A collective contribution effort with a humble appeal was made by the IAC EC 2010, and a collection of USD 1801 was made in less than 72 hours.

IAC Members Who contributed in Cash

S. No




1 Mr V. Nagaraju  $        250.00
2 Mr S Prasad  $        150.00
3 Mr Amit Gandhi  $        100.00
4 Mr Mohit Rajvanshi  $        100.00
5 Mr Rohit Singh  $        100.00
6 Dr Bhoomi Kumar  $        100.00
7 Dr Jay & Dr Rama  $        100.00
8 Mr Vinayak Nayak  $          51.00
9 Mr Deep Johari  $          50.00
10 Mr Devendra  Mahajan  $          50.00
11 Mr Gladwin Susairaj  $          50.00
12 Mr Jitendra Dhanjika  $          50.00
13 Mr Kiran Desai  $          50.00
14 Mr Potti Suresh Krishnan  $          50.00
15 Mr Pankaj Gaur  $          50.00
16 Mr Rajan Nanda  $          50.00
17 Mr Sadanand S.B.  $          50.00
18 Mr Prabhakaran N  $          30.00
19 Mr Vaidyanataan K  $          30.00
20 Mr Ankit Tongia  $          25.00
21 Mr Mohan Gunti  $          25.00
22 Mr Prakash Velayudhan  $          25.00
23 Mr Priyajit Samaiyar  $          25.00
24 Mr Sharad Kataruka  $          25.00
25 Mr Vaibhav Pawar  $          25.00
26 Mr P T Suresh  $          25.00
27 Mr Prashant Dasar  $          25.00
28 Mr Alex Thomas  $          20.00
29 Mr Deepak Reddy  $          20.00
30 Mr M. Rajasekaran  $          20.00
31 Mr S. Ashok Kumar  $          20.00
32 Mr S S Rao  $          20.00
33 Dr Seshu Babu  $          20.00
34 Mr Thrilok Kumar  $          20.00
    TOTAL  $     1,801.00

The Contribution of USD 1801 was handed to Bayon Foundation by IAC EC 2010.
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Former President of India,
Smt Pratibha Devisingh Patil's State visit to Cambodia
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