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Economic Growth and Stability
Over the past decade, Cambodia has achieved remarkable economic growth, averaging 9.4% per annum. Despite global economic challenges, Cambodia aims to maintain its growth at around 6.5% in 2009. The country's stable macroeconomic development and welcoming government policies make it an attractive destination for investors.

Business-Friendly Environment
Cambodia boasts political stability and a government that encourages dialogue with the private sector. The liberal trade regime allows for joint ventures and 100% foreign-owned companies to trade, with minimal entry costs and risks compared to other developing markets.

Reforms and Development
The Royal Government of Cambodia has implemented serious reforms in various sectors, including public financial management, financial sector development, and governance reform. These reforms aim to improve the business and investment climate, encouraging trade facilitation and private sector participation.

Investment Opportunities
Cambodia offers vast investment opportunities in agriculture, agro-industries, infrastructure, tourism, and more. Special Economic Zones (SEZs) along the borders and in key cities provide superior infrastructure and facilities for investors.

Vision for the Future
The Royal Government envisions Cambodia as a fast-growing regional economy based on agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and human resource development. Over the next 10-20 years, Cambodia plans to invest in infrastructure and technology to realize this vision.

Invitation to Investors
Cambodia invites businessmen and investors to explore the opportunities it offers. Feasibility studies for investment plans can be carried out, and resources are available to support investment projects.

Further Information
For more information on investing in Cambodia, visit:

Council for Development of Cambodia: https://cdc.gov.kh/

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