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The Indian Association Cambodia (IAC) has been the community platform for the Indian Diaspora for almost  30 years  now. The IAC promotes and  celebrates the  success  of the  Indian  Community  in Cambodia  through constantly reinforcing  the  positive  identity  of Indians. It is committed to the support and  development of the  Indian  and  Cambodian  relations through various  voluntary and community  development programs.

List of Events and Activities conducted by IAC in 2022-23

Date Activity/ Event  
26-Mar-22 Holi Milan View Details
24-Apr-22 Picnic View Details
09-Jul-22 Meet and Mingle View Details
28-Aug-22 Badminton View Details
11-Sep-22 Food Festival View Details
01-Oct-22 Navaratri View Details
29-Oct-22 Diwali 2022 View Details
14-Nov-22 Childrens Day View Details
24-Dec-22 Books and Clothes Collection Drive View Details
31-Dec-22 New Year View Details
Cricket and Food Festival
Clothes and Books Collection Drive
View Details


IAC maintains a telegram channel to connect with all Indian community members and friends of IAC in Cambodia.

This is a one-way communication medium through which IAC provides key information updates.

This is a free channel and open to all, we share the link below and would encourage you to kindly share this link with all to join.👇


Our Events Gallery

cricket FoodFestival-2022-IAC- 11-09-2022 14-00-39 (Small) FoodFestival-2022-IAC- 11-09-2022 12-56-42 (Small) FoodFestival-2022-IAC- 11-09-2022 12-55-32 (Small) FoodFestival-2022-IAC- 11-09-2022 12-55-19 (Small) FoodFestival-2022-IAC- 11-09-2022 12-53-51 (Small) FoodFestival-2022-IAC- 11-09-2022 12-55-42 (Small) FoodFestival-2022-IAC- 11-09-2022 12-53-41 (Small) FoodFestival-2022-IAC- 11-09-2022 12-55-05 (Small) FoodFestival-2022-IAC- 11-09-2022 12-53-41 (Small) events holi1 277184572_1225277704946768_3449125757931747505_n 277137875_1106775046810029_2124703527919773939_n holi5 picnic 277294527_681056386551483_2084275113042519867_n img_6882 IMG_7057 IMG_7051 IMG_7036 IMG_7034 IMG_7032 IMG_7092 IMG_7128 IMG_7119 IMG_7142 IMG_7009 events_banner 20180425_190112

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