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Children’s Day

IAC organised a series of activities for the children’s day in which the childrten of the Indian diaspora participated in large numbers.  We thank the Embassy for the continued support and encouragement to the IAC Activities. We have had a very good participation to the children’s day activities and the submissions were astounding. They showed a varied flair, potential and budding talents on vast areas of topics, actions and intent. This included art works, speeches, dances and others. The list below is a reflection of the multiple talents that our kids possess and can actively work on in the years to come.

All the participants were provided the certificates by the embassy on Republic day celebrations -26th January 2023.

The list of the children and their activities submitted to the IAC.

1)  Aahana Sabat :Speech-Climate Change & Art Work- Climate Change

2)  Adira Srivastava :Song-Nanhe munne bachche teri mutthi mein

3)  Deepika Sathyaraj :ArtWork-CircleDrawin

4)  Devanshi Bagla :Dance-UnityInDiversity & Recital-BhagvadGitaChap12

5)  Kaushal Gadde :Art Work-Inspirational Person-Narendra Modi

6)  Konduru Moksha Sri :Art Work-Salute to India & Speech-Poem- Bal Divas

7)  Kyra Trikha :ArtWork-UnityinDiversity

8)  Riti Himani Siramdasu :ArtWork-ClimateChange

9)  Rudransh Chaubey :ArtWork-UnityinDiversity

10)  Sanaya.D.S :Dance-Inspirational Person-PuneethRajkumar & Recital-GauriNandanaGajanana                

11)  Sathurshi.P.J :Recital-Aathichudi & Recital-Slokas

12)  Sloka Gadde :Dance-Roleplay-RadhainRadheGovindha.Bharatnatyam & ArtWork-UnityinDiversity & Dance-Kavutuvam

13) Sreekar Siramdasu :Speech-India as an emerging world leader

14)  Thayanraj Sathyaraj Sathya :ArtWork-Candy

15)  Ujjwal Chyau Patnaik  :Recital-Lingashtakam & Art Work- Unity in Diversity & Speech-InspirtationalPerson-APJ AbdulKalam

16)  Upasana Chyau Patnaik: Dance-TamilSong-TumTum & Art Work- Climate Change

17)  Varshini Satyaraj: Art Work-Beach

18)  Vivana Srivastava :Song-Nanhe munne bachche teri mutthi mein

19)  Yasswanth Sarathy :Speech-Inspirational Person-Pandit Nehru

20)  Yohan Chetty :Speech-Childrens Day


We requested the Indian community members, as well as friends and colleagues from other nationalities to show their love, gratitude and knowledge on the topics mentioned below through any one or all three of the following three options👇

1)Short Video footage- Speech, Song, Skit, Role play, Dance (maximum of 2-3 minutes- we welcome multi language inputs and solo or groups)

2)Artwork (A4 size paper based- please share an image file)

3)Written works- Poem’s, Short story, Blogs (share the content in a word document)


·        Key topics covered included:

1)         Children of 21st century

2)         The person that inspires you

3)         Climate Change

4)         Social Inclusion

5)         India as an emerging world leader

6)         India Cambodia relations

7)         Unity in diversity

Event Pics