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Dear Friends,

Indian Association Cambodia (IAC) is growing and getting enriched as each year has passed. We have a sizeable Indian community in Cambodia and it is ever increasing. IAC has been pursuing it's aims and objectives since more than two decades. We, as an association, have always strived hard to encourage close relations amongst Indians in Cambodia. Till now, IAC has been promoting Indian culture, Indian values and heritage in Cambodia. IAC has played a pivotal role in collaborating with the Indian embassy for various socio-economic activities conducted across the Kingdom.

Amongst the variety of tasks and actions undertaken by IAC, the prominent ones that should be mentioned are the Women's day celebrations, Entrepreneur development initiative alongside Indian embassy, Diwali and Holi celebrations and many more.

This year, we are rejuvenating IAC website by updating its contents. Through this website, we offer you a window to take glance at social, cultural and professional aspects in Cambodia.

Our biggest asset, our members, have been our greatest strength and backup. Especially in these testing pandemic times, IAC continued to be strengthened due to important inputs and association from our members.
We have a sizable Indian community and many of the community members are still untapped and hence request all the Indians to come forward and become members of IAC.

Finally, I wish to mention that the success of an organization will be the combined efforts of IAC, EC, Indian embassy and each Indian individual residing in Cambodia.
A warm welcome to all those who are reading this address and a heartfelt thank you.

Mr. Venugopal J Myana


Indian Association Cambodia

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