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New Year

We have now officially entered 2023 😇🙏

The IAC organised the new year’s eve party at Crown Skybar

The IAC New Year Party had loads of fun and entertainment with a good representation from the community.

We had  a solid performance from DJ Zico who kept up the tempo and the spirits high right into the wee hours of the new year  way beyond the customary midnight countdown 👌

The food had a great mix of delights for all foodies groups, with a lovely sweet dish to add to the offerings.

The drinks as always were free flowing and ceaseless to all age groups as per their needs.

The start of the event was by a fascinating Indian traditional Ganesh Vandana song and a terrific Indian dance 💃 performance followed by soothing karaoke songs by IAC Members, the kids were engaged in quizzes🎈🎈, the couple were subjected to some lovely bonding exercises 🥰 before the dance erupted to a frenzied eruption of emotions and fun.

The mix of the patrons included our trust worthy all weather friends who have been with the IAC long before the advent of social media messaging, parents, members who have travelled with us for around 4-5 years, new couples staring their expat lives in Cambodia, youth and kids of members. We had a good representation from nom members too.

IAC EC thanks one and all from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful support, encouragement and guidance all through.

We missed some friends but knew that while they were enjoying at other places yet had good thoughts for us.

In customary norms, we will open the group for two way communications for members to exchange pleasantries and thoughts

Event Pics